deFlicker for Ultramotion and Highspeed Cameras

Flicker is ubiquitous in high-speed and ultra-high-speed nighttime recordings. The cause is high-frequency fluctuations in lighting sources installed in most venues world-wide. Replacing all lighting sources with non-flickering sources such as appropriately installed LEDs is usually not an option.

We have researched this issue since 2008 and have come up with an ingenious software/hardware solution that postprocesses video in real-time to remove flicker, and which can be easily integrated into broadcasting workflow. An earlier prototype system has been successfully deployed world-wide by a small German company for several years
(more details here)

This new deFlicker is a complete reimplementation of this earlier prototype that was improved in many ways over the original. Major improvements include a two-level watchdog timer to ensure maximum unattended availability, a rigorous testing protocol that ensures stable performance even under suboptimal thermal conditions, multiple redundancy levels in hard- and software such as mirrored ECC memory, mirrored SD-cards, redundant power supplies, and a completely redesigned user interface that can also be used via on-screen-display and even ensures that the output stream is always smooth and never jerky regardless of parameter settings.

Thanks to all visitors at IBC 2015! We had some great feedback, here are a few quotes by visitors.

"It's the first thing I see that's really new today. Glad I wandered in" (John Birch, Strategic Partnerships Manager, Screen Subtitling Systems)

"I congratulate you." (Ollie Baumann, Ericsson)

"Good work!" (Alan Keil, VP Engineering, Ikegami Electronics (USA) Inc)